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Jewelry Care

Below are some care tips we recommend that will help ensure you get the best use out of your jewelry and feel confident wearing them!


Below are some care tips by material (gold filled & gold plated stainless steel).

Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold Filled Jewelry Care Guide

About Our Gold Filled
  • Our Gold filled jewelry has an outer layer of 14k or 18k gold that is pressure bonded to a base metal of jewelers brass.
  • This type of jewelry is made for everyday use of stacking or layering.
  • Gold Filled jewelry can withstand normal body sweat, body oils, and is typically water resistant.
  • However, these jewels should be removed before swimming or exercising. Chemicals and oils can harm the metal overtime.
  • We reccomend storing your jewels in your Mermaid Haus Jewelry pouch or any other soft pouch.
  • You can also store them in a cool dry space away from moisture (jewelry case or jewlery box).
  • To maintain shine, wipe your pieces with a soft microfiber cloth or soft T-shirt at the end of each day to prevent build up.

PVD Gold Plated

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Jewelry Care

About Our PVD Gold Plated Jewlery
  • Our Gold Plated collection is made using a vacuum coating process. This process applies a durable thick plating on the stainless steel base metal (this can also give the appearance of a slightly darker tone of gold).
  • This technique is used to ensure your jewels can withstand showering, swimming, etc.

Our gold plated stainless steel metal a non corrosive, Which results in your jewels being tarnish resistant and waterproof.

  • Feel free to wear these jewels when swimming, showering, and a light workout.
  • We reccomend removing jewels before sleeping to prevent chains getting tangled and earrings snagging.
  • Please remove jewelry before a heavy sweat workout.
  • We reccomend storing your jewels in your Mermaid Haus Jewlery microfiber pouch or a soft pouch.
  • You can also store your jewels in a cool dry space like a jewelry case or jewelry box.
  • Wipe woth sodt cloth to prvent oil build up.
  • Rinse with mild soap & fresh water after swimming or light workout.