Jewelry Care

Gold Filled Jewelry
(everyday layering/stacking jewelry)
  • Our Gold filled jewelry has an outer layer of 14k or 18k gold that is pressure bonded to a base metal of jewelers brass.
  • This type of jewelry is made for everyday use of stacking or layering.
    • This type of jewelry can withstand normal body sweat, body oils, and is typically water resistant.
    • However, these jewels should be removed before swimming, exercising, or heavy sweating. This can harm and corrode the metal overtime.
    • To maintain shine, wipe your pieces with a soft microfiber cloth or soft T-shirt at the end of each day to prevent build up.
    • Overtime brass can oxidize and create a sort of patina. So we recommend keeping your jewelry in a dry cool space

      We recommend these tips to ensure you get the best use out of your jewelry and feel confident wearing them everyday!
    Gold Plated Stainless Steel Jewelry
    (Waterproof Safe Jewelry Collection)
    • Our Gold Plated collection is made using a PVD vacuum coating process
    • This technique applies more of a durable thicker plating on a stainless steel base metal (which can give the appearance of a slightly darker tone of gold). PVD provides an extremely durable and tough wearing finish
    • This technique is used to ensure your jewels can withstand showering, the beach, and swimming. (try to avoid heavy chlorinated pools)
    • Stainless Steel is a non corrosive metal, Which results in your jewels being tarnish resistant and waterproof.
    • So you can swim or hangout at the beach all day long with your new jewels.

      Constant extreme heavy exposure to salt or chlorine can shorten your jewelry's life span. Just be sure to wash and clean your jewelry at the end of the day with mild soap and water to prevent build up.